21 May

Rand Paul and Pat Toomey aren’t happy that Congress has moved a step closer to putting a banking reform bill on President Obama’s desk. More “big government” regulations strangling the free-market. How many disasters will it take for these people to realize that sometimes a few commonsense rules might not be a bad thing after all? Remember, these are the very same folks whose blood-pressure goes through the roof when you mention the bank bailout. You can’t have it both ways, boys!


11 Responses to “Sorrow”

  1. toosmalltosucceed May 21, 2010 at 2:18 pm #

    It isn’t common sense rules that disturb people, it’s those who will be in charge of interpreting what they believe common sense to be. Everything that has happened has been allowed by the career politicians who’s have their hands in the pockets of the “too big to fail”. So now we’re suppose to trust them? …………………….

  2. Chris Graham May 21, 2010 at 9:03 pm #

    Here’s my response to your comment on my page:

    So, hold on. You agreed with me on this post at first, but then when you read the part about liberals, you decided, “Hey, that’s not nice, I’m a liberal! Fine, I change my opinion on the rest of the article. I no longer hold the same opinions on Islam that I held before I read this article. Because this writer doesn’t like liberals, I now support Islamic fascism and violence.”

    Ah. I see.

    Well, that makes sense. Actually, that sounds a lot like me. Let me explain:

    See, normally I love it when a U.S. president quadruples a nation’s deficit in only 5 months’ time of being president;
    I normally love it when a U.S. president sympathizes with terrorists by awarding them all kinds of privileges, like giving them lawyers as if they’re American citizens instead of giving them the chair;
    Normally I love it when a U.S. president takes away First Amendment rights from Christians and grants extra rights to Muslim groups like CAIR;
    Normally I love it when a U.S. president hires many self-avowed Communists to work for and advise him;
    Normally I love it when a U.S. president hires people who encourage pedophilia to work as a “Safe Schools Czar”;
    Normally I love when a U.S. president tells us how much salt we can have, how much electricity we’re allowed to use, what kind of dishwashers and toilets we’re allowed to have, what kind of cars, and I love it when a U.S. president penalizes us if we don’t obey such orders;
    Normally I love it when a U.S. president uses race to turn certain groups against others;
    Normally I love when a U.S. president insults and reprimands an entire state for taking it into their hands to enforce already-existing federal law;
    Normally I adore tax increases—not only on the wealthy, but on the middle-class as well;
    Normally I think every U.S. president should bow down to terror-funding nations and Communist nations;
    Normally I think it’s very noble for a U.S. president to force people to buy a product, and that it’s okay to throw them in jail if they don’t buy said product;
    Normally I think it’s great when a U.S. president receives support from Communist dictators like Castro and Chavez;
    Normally it pleases me very much to know that my president is actually running the nation on the Communist Party of America’s platform and claiming it as his own under the label “Progressive” (the Communist Party of America is suing the Democrat party for this, by the way);
    Normally I think every U.S. president should travel around the world and apologize for how crappy and evil we Americans are;
    Normally I think it’s great when a U.S. president plays golf more times in one year than W. Bush played in his entire 8 years;
    Normally I think it’s also great when a U.S. president ignores a national crisis for eight days, such as oil pumping into the waters around our states;
    Normally I’d agree with a U.S. president who makes Marxist statements like, “At some point, I think you’ve made enough money”;
    Normally I love when my president lowers my standard of health care to the level of Cuban health care in an effort to not be too superior to the rest of the world;
    Normally I love my president spending $1.7 million of taxpayer funds to keep his records and documents sealed;
    Normally I love when a U.S. president has certain information regarding his past scrubbed completely from the Internet;
    Normally I love when a U.S. president has reporters ask questions from a script;
    Normally I think it’s right that a U.S. president doesn’t allow certain news organizations, that don’t censor the news for him, to even enter the room;
    Normally I love when a U.S. president wages war against small business and capitalism, and against the opportunity to succeed, in yet another effort to be fair to those who didn’t have the ambition to be successful;
    Normally I would applaud a U.S. president for giving taxpayer funds to groups that help cover up child prostitution rings;
    Normally I think it’s quite a noble thing for a U.S. president to give trillions of dollars of debt to our children and grandchildren;
    Normally I love when a U.S. president stands up at his podium and chastises and bullies his own American citizens just for disagreeing with him.

    See, normally I can support all of these things; in fact, I’ve always wanted a president just like this!. But then I found out Obama was black, so I had to stop giving him my worshipful support.

  3. Chris Graham May 21, 2010 at 9:09 pm #

    Regarding this post about taking over more of the private sector, if Democrats wanted to reform “Wall Street” (whatever the heck that means), they would go after Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They’re the bad guys. But they won’t go after Fannie and Freddie, know why? Because the Democrats run Fannie and Freddie.

    How can you not see this whole “reform” thing is all a ruse? Are you so drunk on the Kool-Aid that it has now entered your bloodstream?

    Also, please take the time to reply to my former comment. I took the time to respond to you, after all. See, I don’t believe in shutting out those who disagree with me. I engage with them. Try it. It’s enlightening.

  4. thomasjeffersonclubblog May 21, 2010 at 10:30 pm #

    Fannie and Freddie, Barney and Chris are the basis of the financial problem. Nothing in the financial sector will be fixed until Fan and Fred are taken care of and Dodd and Frank are out of government, or at least out of power.

  5. the new sense May 22, 2010 at 4:39 am #

    How did this become all about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Sure, they have problems, but they were just a small part of the Bush economic collapse. And why do you think they’re run by democrats?

    • toosmalltosucceed May 23, 2010 at 10:07 pm #

      Hello the new sense, like Bush, Barney, Chris, are also a huge problem. So tell me in your words why is it that they’re run by democrats.

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