Don’t make me laugh.

23 May

Millions of Tea Partiers take to the streets protesting the ever increasing expansion of Big Government and out of control spending, their voices echoing across America in opposition to the Democrats continual assault on States Rights, and more importantly, Individual Rights. The message is loud and clear: “We want our country back!”

This is what we’ll see if the Obama Administration were to solve the illegal immigration problem. Billions spent on an impenetrable border fence. The establishment of another new federal agency, to handle the process of rounding up and expelling millions of illegals. Court systems and prisons unable to handle the overload. And, of course, the price of oranges will be ten dollars a pound.

Democrats have made proposals before, and will do so again. Republicans even objected to the 7 and 7 Plan. Yet, it’s those very same Republicans that are blasting the President and other Democrats for not fixing the problem.

So, Tea Partiers, go ahead and put the most conservative guys you can find in the halls of power. Make sure absolutely nothing can get done in Washington, then complain that Washington can’t get anything done.

Country First? Don’t make me laugh.


2 Responses to “Don’t make me laugh.”

  1. Ben Hoffman May 23, 2010 at 9:29 pm #

    They also complain the government is doing nothing to create jobs but they’re outraged over the stimulus package, 1/3 of which was tax cuts. They’re idiots.

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